Developer System

One of my biggest pet peeves is seeing loads of crappy servers on the Bronze server list. I recently came up with an idea of how we could fix this. It’s called the ‘Developer System’. Members of Graal Reborn will post their content and have it rated by three judges (I think Spooon, VW and Riley would do good). If your content is passed you will be ranked a ‘One Star Developer’. If you also did something else, such as became a One Star Dev with your levels and then posted a script that you made or something you’d become a ‘Two Star Developer’ because you can do two things. If you can do Scripting, GFX and Levels you’d be ranked as a ‘Three Star Developer’.

Here is what Developers have access to.
1 Star Developer = Rights to host server, not allowed on the Bronze section until proven worthy.
2 Star Developer = Rights to host a bronze server.
3 Star Developer = Rights to host a bronze server and first in line for being rated by PWA to become a silver server.

5 star hotels feel bad about this rating system.

basically I just don’t want certain people to have servers

Anybody should be able to make their own servers. If you don’t like their servers, don’t play them.

There’s a huge line for silver rating–we can’t keep up dammit! As I recall we were overruled on both Kandora and Xialaza anyway.
The only time the bronze tab got out of hand was when there were like 30 empty servers on it. Just look at it as a hosted tab and leave it be. If we had a couple dozen servers clogging it up and I could actually hide severs, I’d just knock off the ones that don’t link out of the OSL and the ones that don’t use a prefix.

What about 4 and 5 star?

it only goes up to three.

I could host a gold server if I wanted to.

Get back to work on Zolderon, mang.


Both were reasonable servers though

This thread pist me off seeing you complain. I was told hosting server is a privelidge, not a right by Cadavre and those words reached me. So don’t think a server shouldn’t be hosted just because it’s bad. How do you expect it to get better? Noddess V1 was horrible. Please rethink your opinion.

I think he means they should be forced into the “Under Development” list if they suck horribly enough and Bronze should be for servers with SOME content and basic plans laid out.

wtf? if it’s a privilege then bad servers shouldnt be there. the fact that it is a right is the reason we have so many bad servers.

Zolderon and EL2k11. Pretty sure those are all the goods servers we have right now, but we have 17 servers online! How 'bout dat shit?

Zolderon isn’t even up right now, I’ve visited twice in the last 24 hours, and it’s just that classic “Graal” osl map

Both of those servers are more like boring demos than serious projects in their current state anyway. Zolderon will probably stay that way and EL still isn’t any more interesting than Harmonia.

i got chicken town up to gold before, hah

If you did this method, we’d have to give beholder hundreds of stars.