Development license

Obviously some people don’t like usual open-source license.
I was thinking of a special non-free open-source license MAYBE could be attractive to those people.

I am thinking of the following, that I would call a Development License:

Can run and combine with other projects, but only until 3 months after latest published version stop using this license.
Can add your changes inside source control program.
Can distribute your repository including full changes from original, but making so you agree to give all the changes to original author.
Can make archive copies for helping developers not to loose their programs or changes.

Well, that suppose you are kind of confident to people to respect the license, which is not obvious.
You should not expect big new features because few people would give them to original author.
It is expected to be license later giving people the right to run for mostly whatever reason, be it for cash or ‘gratis’.
Would advise to license small parts rather than full programs.

I’m not sure that was an issue yet. My opinion is wecwecould monetize by selling our work on unity’s asset shop (or any other way). And once we have users decide of a business model. Like, I don’t know, just keep it crowdsourced and expect donations, kind of like graal’s golden age. This is graal reborn after all.