DFO; Dungeon Fighter Online.


That’s the official website.

It’s basically a 2d mmorpg. The point of the game (From my pov) is to select your class character (Raging from warrior, all the wau up to the newest classes, thief and Necromancer) and clear dungeons with friends or by yourself. They have the options of customizing your character (Commonly known as Avatar items), the weapons, skills, etc… You can form parties and own/join guilds as well. It’s free for all the cheap ass players out there. But they do have in-game purchases. Below are some videos of gameplay.

[Monk Sub Class] Which derives from the Priest class.

[Striker Sub Class]

They also have the PvP option.

[Soulbender vs Monk]

[Berserker Vs Desperado]
Anything else you want to know, just consult the website at the top.

Ah I was gonna neg rep but then again this looked interesting too lazy to take a look at the videos, I’ll download or whatever it later and take a stab if u disapoint me, I will kill u


@Blaze: It’s pretty fun. And I’ll be on all night.

@Kalzor: It’s two different “realms” technically. As in, one is 2-D and the other is 3-D. Thus making the 3-D one dominant.

That’s what I was saying, yes.

Lol, alright. It’s still worth downloading. Doesn’t take long at all, and it’s pretty addicting.

it looks gay, zenonia is better

I played it for a while. It’s worth checking out.

I don’t like those type of RPGs where u run one way and it scrolls (it’s like a platformer game almost)

You would rather you ran and the camera didn’t follow you? XP

The whole point of the scrolling camera look is that the game is supposed to be a Massively Multiplayer Online version of an arcade Beat-Em-Up. Probably before your time.