Did some people even read this?

i saw a lot of people asking about scripts and stuff, but i wondered did they even read the npcscripting.doc in their folders? this might have been considered spam, but what i wanna remind new players is that npcscripting.doc will teach u how to script

Is that the thing on the right side of the NPC editor? I read that and if I don’t understand it (They are either really vague about stuff or do not make any sense) I ask here.

no its a fucking seperate document and its shite!!!

doubleclicks npcscripting.doc, ‘Can not load Word for Windows 6.0 flies’

Yeah, take that.

yeah! text files all the way baby!

in .rtf

It used to be useful, but no. People do not read it, the commands.rtf, or the newfeatures.txt files.

I read commands.rtf all the time! >:U
and yeah newfeatures is too much of a read for iPlayers.

not all iplayer are fucking lazy you know…

You were :whatever:

nope, not lazy. Just fucking clueless about graal when I first found out I could play it on something else other than the ipod

:expressionless: we handed you the newfeatures####.txts from the start!

actually no, i didnt get newfeatures in the beginning, i think i downloaded a client package where newfeatures wasnt included. So lay off us iNoob because we are not might but many, its just like zombies…you can hold them off for a while but they get you in the end


yes,Yes and YES the iNoob prevails!!!

Lol, why the hell are you defending iNoobs?

I read commands rtf but only for the parts i needed

coz im am the iNoob

Who the hell spends 3746 Hrs on iGraal. I wouldn’t spend 1 hour.

i got 1320 somethin…