Dinner at Spooon's


Ok, I summoned Spooon and forgot to check where he was first, sorry about that.
You’re a quiet host, why just one plate?

Btw, your idea worked Oni.

Damn this thread sucks XD what was I thinking.
Guys lots of better things happened but idling at spooon’s house X_X

Like playing Xialza!

Bow to your god!

Let me kill you on xialza so people stop sticking your picture on the wall.

Only if I have all my old account file.

edit: I think you guys fucked up. I still have all my stuff. I can’t remember the guild Yenairo and I were in.

Centurio. The one we based off FFXII because I was really into it at the time lol

You’re supposed to have all your stuff. I put everyone’s old account files up along with the server.