Direct 3d lighting not working at all on my graal client.

so i was poking around some servers, and when i turned on my lighting thing to check it out. it did this:

Uploaded with

now i checked my direct 3d acceleration thing in dxdiag. and its running fine. i am not sure how to fix this. trix said its because i have an old computer, but my computer is not that old. and not really that old for graal reborn.

anyone got any suggestions?

EDIT: also when i turn on 3d lighting, it runs really really smooth, just has these weird fizzy lines everywhere.

Which OS?

Looks like XP based on title bar.

I am running windows xp.

I know this might be a silly question, but is your DirectX up to date?

it is. i just did a reformat the other day, and updated all drivers.

Tried drawing in compatibility mode and/or waiting for the vertical blank?

Lol. Looks like some broken hardware. Try another graphics card.

my graphics card is fine, as i do use it for graal and other things. its a direct 3d problem i am assuming. i am just curious if anyone has seen this before. i recently downgraded to windows XP. all my drivers are up to date. Before on windows 7 it was running fine with lighting. i downgraded to free up more ram so i could do other things with this PC.

Sometimes when hardware breaks it´s not so obvious. The card can still do normal stuff and still be broken somewhere. So if you still can’t find a software solution, I would pop in an old gfx card and see what happens.
Maybe try an older version of d3d too.