Does any of you live between Santa Rosa and San Francisco?

Hi! I’m thinking about going to the sates, specifically California but my budget isn’t all that great so I won’t afford sleeping in motels all the time.

My question is, are there anyone living in that area (ideally Rohnert Park) that wouldn’t mind me sleeping on their couch a couple of days? week tops! I’m thinking of visiting some of the members of this community aswell if they’re up to it. Mainly I want to go there to meet one of my oldest friends that has been living in the Petaluma area since he was 14, but he does unfortunately not have space for me to sleep currently.

Please keep this topic clean. If you don’t have a mature answer to this thread, don’t reply.

I noticed in the “what do you do other than Graal?” thread that you had stated you are a musician of sorts. Maybe as a backup plan, you could try to get a gig lined up for the night you’d land. Perform well, party after the show, ???, PROFIT! Might meet somebody who can help you in those ways, and possibly more.
Just a suggestion incase all else were to fail, I do wish you luck though in finding someone in the area. I’ve a friend who used to live out there, but the bastard moved to Florida recently. He would’ve likely helped you out.

I might go to sweden with my dad soon

I live in Washington state, two states north of California and about 50 miles north of Seattle. There is maybe one or two Graal related people in the same state as me, there is pretty much nothing to see or do around here and the weather is crap with a temp around 5C and rain year round, but you would be free to crash on my couch if you ever came to my area. Unfortunately me being able to get to California anytime in the future is unlikely at best.

I don’t live in the states but hope you enjoy your trip! It’s awesome :slight_smile: