Does anyone still play?

I know these forums have shifted more towards development over the years, but are players still active in the servers? If so which servers are the most popular among players?

Just here for the nostalgia.

Nobody plays unless there’s some reason to all of a sudden. Nobody really even posts.

I play every couple days. I usually lend friends alt accounts so that I have someone to spar or play Bomber Arena with. Problem is, the client is just super limited currently, so there’s not much motivation to do any actual development. Then there’s the whole problem with making a new client and server. It’s just a really time consuming task.

For the new client, although I am at a preparatory phase, I’ll work on it.

I’ll play it for you.

I don’t know if this is some kind of snarky comment meaning there’s not much to expect?

I was hoping the slack Downsider set up would go on… If it doesn’t, I will is in the future tense anyway.

Actually, I would be happy if you could quickly review some of my code, like last time. I’m thinking that Android game I sent you the source code, once I’ll be done with it.

Yep I’ll review your code