Don't buy Numen on Steam sale! ITS A TRAP!

“Serious problem but no we won’t fix it, try and change how you play the game”

“We used to have customization feature but since there was little options we decided to remove all options entirely!”

Awesome devs…just sayin’

Damnit, I already bought it.

Naw just kidding I don’t buy online :stuck_out_tongue:

AKA, fuuuuuuuck my $2!

Un… Unixmad… is that you?

AKA 2 chocolate bars at your local Dollarstore.

I remember those days, 1999 right?

O.o I don’t know about you but next door at the dollar store I can still get that.
Also, no I wouldn’t remember because I would be four xD

Oh you…

I applaud you good sir!

Niiiiice, they have a team of 10 guys which is really large for an indie game in my opinion yet only one guy is capable of fixing bugs in the game (wtf do the other guys do at the office?) and he rarely comes in. I think it might just be Unixmad!


  1. Well, if you have only one guy who can fix bugs (and this guy comes to the office once a week), it’s hard to promise that everything will be really fixed… It’s better to tell people what you really think about this or that situation.

  2. Yes, these options were so few it was better to remove this feature completely. You just have to trust me. :wink:

  3. About that quotation of jfunk825: As I said (maybe in the same thread), this bug was new and came with patch 1.30. And since there was a simple way how to avoid it and since we only have one guy who can fix bugs (and this guy comes to the office once a week and is working on some other projects as well), it remained in the game for a while. It is fixed now.[/quote]

Kinda ridiculous that dipshit felt he had to repeat himself like that.

I am glad I did not get Numen when it went on sale for $2, then.

I bought FlatOut 3 (Ultimate Carnage) for $2, instead.