Dragon Ball Z Parody


I am telling you this Team Four Star Made me watch all fourty of these episodes
because they were so funny lol they seemed to have totaly dubbed over the
actual characters and inserted there own dialog but to me it was way better
then the originals … I LOVED IT

Beleave me I was never a FAN of the Dragon Ball Sieries

Viewer Discretion Is Advised not every BAD word is BLEEPED out only the BIG ONES

Before I clicked this thread I thought “if he brings up Team Four Star I’m going to ban him.” What should I do now guys?

Seriously, guy. OLD NEWS I’ve been posting videos from TFS and shit for ages. Too bad Riley deleted all his posts because the thread would still exist. (The thread was ‘Out of Boredom’) Everyone knows about it and you’re retarded for not knowing. And why the fuck are you acting all defensive about watching it? Like we care what you fucking watch. You managed to make a post that makes me think you’re a 13-year-old faggot that think swearing is bad and watching anime is a sin.

What your post should have been:

Guys, have you seen this shit? FUNNY

See what I did? Nice and short with a video. People don’t want to read or click on links.

Did not even notice.

I cannot get into anime and i have tried

We never censor “bad” words in sweden, neither is nudity. Violence on the other hand is.

I don’t understand why 'murica is so much about censorship of the weirdest things. If you swear on the streets in USA, do you get arrested or do you get weird looks? Because no one fucking cares over here.

As for what Spoon said about my post…

Well I can’t know everything that has been posted on the forums & well…
you did say those posts were deleted so how was I to know
also I haven’t realy been on for over a year till now sooo yeah.

I’ll just take all that as Spooon being Spooon…

Tho on a nice note to you Spoon the Video Link you posted here is one of my fav’s
so way to go in involuntarily supporting this thread and my interests XD

See what I did there hehehe

Oh side note, seems the States of North America are a place were you can get Ridiculed for using Discretion

Shut the fuck up. Stop being annoying and stop being offended.

I didn’t involuntarily do anything. If I wanted to kill the thread I’d have deleted it. Shouldn’t even be posting in Anime section, faggot.

anime is for fags[COLOR=“Silver”]

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[/COLOR]hey spon stop being mean or ill touch ur willy haha

No need to call people stuff. This forum is for minors aswell as adults. Act like it, Spooon. I don’t mean to ridicule you for being cautious, I just find it funny that violence isn’t censored in USA while swearwords and nudity is. Seems kind of backwards to me.

i’m realy confused this is Anime thread and I posted Anime in Anime Thread
were is the problem? why have this topic to post in then why is this forum so hostile

No problem. It’s spooon

Not allowed to post in anime section.

Shut up already. Post how much anime you want.

Uh. No.

Please, don’t post anime…in any other section but this one.


Post it in Misc.