Drawing circles with a showpoly

I noticed quite a few people have been asking around on how to draw a circle with script so Ive made a script that shows how to draw a circle using the showpoly statement.

// NPC made by tricxta
if (playerenters){
  this.index=1000;//starting index
  this.section=100;//you can keep this or remove it, it just lets you draw to a certain point in the circle say if you put it at 50 you will see the difference
  this.r=2;//your basic radius
  for (this.A=0;this.A<(6.3/100*this.section);this.A+=0.05;){//your basic for next loop to move onto the next radian
    this.index+=1;//increment the index by 1 so your not rewriting the image
    x1=30 + this.r*cos(this.A);//caclulating points in the circle
    y1=30 + this.r*sin(this.A);
    x2=30 + this.r*cos(this.A+.5);
    y2=30 + this.r*sin(this.A+.5);
    showpoly this.index,{30,30,x1,y1,x2,y2};//drawing one section of the circle
    sleep .05;

Ive posted this here as a reference since I could see no good examples of using a showpoly to draw a circle

There is no timeout flag being called, therefore that timeout is useless.


it shows the progression of the circle being drawn, I put the timeout there coz it looks cool (to me that is). Mind you guys I only made this script and put it here coz when I couldnt give two shits trying too learn the maths behind it I had no clue and when I asked the forums

graal reborn said

and thats why this script is here, its just a starting point for anyone who wants to learn how to draw a circle with a showpoly


So then you didn’t make the script yourself? you niggered the maths and claimed as your own originally?

fuck no! I got the information to plot a circle off wikipedia and built this script from scratch, that post I said earlier was just saying why I made this script and put it here coz you guys wouldnt help me and instead ripped the shit outta me in a way (awww the iNoob needs more help… can we kill him yet?)


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Wasn’t meant to be really funny. I was just thought it was better than me saying “I double-dog dear you.”

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I’ll have to bust out mspaint later. I’m still doped on nyquil right now.

Is what you should have said.

That’s still stealing. You didn’t do anything to figure out the mathematical formula, you took it from Wikipedia, who also takes it from people on the internet, so in a sense… Nigguh got nigged.

EDIT: Take all of these silly vBulletin smilies off and use Beholder’s. (Or don’t I can see them getting old, fast.)

And tumblr stole memes from 4chan.
And I stole Algebra from my highschool Math teacher.

I could care less if tricxta deleted anyone’s this or that, the only thing I don’t like about tricxta is the annoying attitude. Which mind you, is clearing up a tad bit.

tricxta I don’t hate you, just sayin’. Don’t necessarily like you either. But that’s not bad, is it? You just get on my nerves with your attitude sometimes.

I get on other people’s nerves too.
Yenairo is on my nerves lately. Yenairo, I like you. But right now I wouldn’t want to be seen with you!

Anyway, gathering and using information isn’t necessarily stealing. It’s not like Wikipedia holds a copyright on that information and it’s a bit of a stretch to accuse tricxta of stealing. That’s a bit much.

I learned a lot of what I know now from copypasta coding.
I don’t know much.
But I wouldn’t know what I do know had I not looked at other works.

Examples and experimentation are not against the rules.
They’re fundamentals of any science.

In defense of the other side though, tricxta you didn’t “build this script from scratch.”
But you did cite your sources.

I’m not gonna nag you on grammar and English that hard, mine isn’t very good and yours is even less. Not to insult you, I’m just saying that you can’t be blamed too harshly for your words.

Yenairo, you can. Think about what you’re saying before you say it, please.

We expect better out of those that have shown they can be better before that.

Show some respect and sensibility people.

You could call it cheating then. Mr. Smarypants >:|

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