[Dreamscape] What did you enjoy/hate?

What did you guys enjoy about Dreamscape?

What did you guys hate about Dreamscape?

What could I have improved on and how do you think I should have improved it?

Give me your feedback!

Can’t connect for some reason it freezes Graal then I get the “The connection couldn’t be established” dialog box.
Could I be using the wrong version of Graal? Tried with 2.17.1, 2.22, 2.31.

I’ll look into it. It’s probably ports.

EDIT: I think the ports are forwarded now. Let me know if there’s still a problem.
Also, 2.22 should work just fine.

I don’t even see it on the listserver :frowning:

I’m not in a position where I can leave it running overnight unfortunately. I’m open to someone else hosting it.

I really liked Dreamscape because it felt like a classic Graal experience. Sorry if I completely disregarded the format of the OP, but that’s all I have to say about it!

It’s cool. There wasn’t really any specific format. I’m just interested in hearing why people enjoyed the server. That sort of feedback can help me direct my efforts if I wanted to bring Dreamscape back.

I liked how it reminded me of when I made maps and quests for my sisters to play.

I hated the tile errors.

I was never quite as motivated as when I was just building levels for my siblings. The only other time was when I had pretty much all of you guys on at once. That was pretty amazing and motivational.

I too enjoyed the classic feel.

I don’t have any major gripes about it, but the world was a little flat and pretty open. I prefer a direction set by the surroundings guiding me, but this is a personal preference.

This is my biggest issue with a lot of playerworlds. No direction and shit map design. It’s disgusting. I remember bitching at the Maloria guys about making paths more clearly laid out and they told me I was being too critical. Their lose; it is the correct way to design a map.

However, I recall Dreamscape’s map being rather compact and everything being pretty easy to find. The forest and mountain areas only really had one path to follow, any branches off of the main path were clearly just that. I don’t really remember what the area south of the swampy part looked like, but that was literally just straight south.

I actually have a map drawn out for the overworld area. The paths are fairly linear, one area leads to another. There’s a few paths that connect to each other but it’s mostly for convenience. A good example is the Protectorate Forest having an opening into another section of the Mountains north of Haven.

I’m​ not a fan of fast travel so I try to make the areas as straight forward as possible with one obvious main path. The fast travel that Spooon designed was a way for me to control the fast travel points in a way that makes sense with the narrative. If you’ve ever played Breath of Fire 3, that’s where the core concept came from but it’s also comparable to Diablo’s waypoint system, albeit more rare. I want players that have traveled to an area before to be able to get back to the start of that area quickly, but players who haven’t been that far to have to experience the previous areas.

Basically I need a player to love the visuals without pulling away from the main path. But I need to reward those who choose to wander. It’s a mixture of aesthetics, convenience and wanderlust.

EDIT: Elaboration and typo correction.

I liked being able to get lost in the forest or mountains for once in a game. Usually even those maps are easy to memorize or navigate around because the designer thinks in “paths”, but there weren’t many in the wilderness areas in Dreamscape. It made finding something in there seem more worthwhile.

That brings back memories. The server was very messy in many ways and had a lot of mishmashed graphics everywhere. I guess that makes it one of the “Graaliest” servers I’ve played, but it was often frustrating trying to find your way around, and you could get lamed really easily while looking around.

I don’t entirely remember how I designed the warp system, but I do remember us talking about making it like BoF3’s.

There was a ring at the end of your quest that enabled interaction with the warp system. The warp system would allow point-to-point travel. The destination could be changed by interacting with switches.

I didn’t make any quests. :^)

I probably built it then. Such a long time ago now.

It still isn’t online…

Well do something about it

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If you mean requesting for the files then host it myself, no. I couldn’t maintain it online consistently. All I want is to be able to answer the questions asked in this thread.

From memory, it wasn’t that great but I wanted to give it a second chance.