Dylan vs the world

okay yeah that’s chill dude
like you probably just have dyslexia or autism no worries man

how does autism affect your day to day life?

whatever you say pal

I get offered a lot of opportunities and harassed a lot by losers who want to exploit the vulnerable, like a man telling a mentally retarded woman she has ghosts in her panties.


I can see why Unixmad just stole your shit and didn’t pay you, I wouldn’t do business with someone that’s crazy like you.

kid went full unixmad

I am Unixmad

Yes, because you’re the God of humor and other beings. Nope, and I wouldn’t be messing with the Holy Spirit’s messenger. I curse you and Unixmad, and anyone else who wishes to support the agenda.

Guess you cursed yourself the most considering you’re one of his biggest supporters by contributing so much to his game :slight_smile:

  1. In truth it’s my game, considering its prosperity stems back to my uncontracted childhood fortune that made it a business. 2) I contributed to my own games, and Galen’s collaboration; Unixmad at the time never had anything to do with Graal. 3) I asked for royalties and they refused me, and said they will be keeping my game & selling it for themselves.

So, really, karmically it’s still my game. I’m sure if I was 20 years old making money to have my own server to host my own games & code my own engine, they both would have had no choice but to sign me the fair rights & royalties, ownership of the business as I requested (which would have been more than 50% I’m sure and no less than 30%) under my demands or they’d have had nothing. As it stands, they illegally ripped off a 14 year old to start the kid’s own business & claim it as their own without a contract. People paid to play my game, not to reward Unixmad & Bomber nor to walk around in an engine.

When you steal from a 14 year old without a contract, the kids’ Terms & Agreements to all the power of the empire and where its funds will be invested over the course of 15 years do not belong to you, in truth.

It’s “your game”, but you don’t make any money off it. How does it feel to be a giant cuck who can only spout flowery language in an attempt to sound smart, when being the absolute retard that you are has gotten you into this situation?

wasting years of your life on a game that never made you a single cent
crying about it like a helpless rape victim
did it to yourself

Dude I would rip your fucking head off, you really think you’re tough talking nasty and taking low blows–and I would feast on your fucking heart & love it. How does it feel? I’d scalp you alive and destroy your name in the pages of history like I’m doing now. I am here to write history, not cry like a little bitch and I didn’t do it to myself.

So by all means, come with me out seas off borders and see what I do to you. Better yet, accept the curse from God you’ve just begged for–and now your life will go to shit.

Hoo, shit man! I’m sorry~! I-I-I’ll do whatever you say. Just don’t rip my head off and feast on my heart LMAO

Face it you dumb loser, I don’t even read your posts anymore. You’ve just entered hell.


That’s okay.

damn you were a pretty stupid 14 year old
even I would know if people were jewing me out of my own shit
irregardless of that, Graal 2001 never proved to be one of the biggest money makers, as the biggest success for Graal was on the iOS platform which didn’t include any of your stuff
I think you’re just a pathetic manchild that tries to justify his failure at life with the disbelief that his “big chance” was swept from him at a young age and continues to complain about it instead of actually doing anything

You really think I’m going to read this whole thing and argue with this abusive content? I’ll answer a snippet of what I read before I ignored it. I know why you miserable fuckers are here. FYI, if you build a building on someone else’s property–it’s their building. If you build an empire on someone else’s game–it’s their empire. Your inability to discern right from wrong, and your desire to piss people off who have done nothing to you just proves how stupid & ugly you are. You can barf your capitalist shit in my face all day long, but in the end it is you who have rotted your own soul

So instead you’ll waste time in a different way by writing a response


You’re so good at wasting time. It’s no wonder Unixmad fucked you. You don’t value your time at all, so how could you value money? rofl