dylan's levels

I’m going to go post some of my favorite levels I’ve made

Here’s one I made today, it’s some sort of eroded riverbed bordering a wetland. It uses the Zolderon tileset made by Dusty.

Good, but it has a noticeable lack of throwable chairs.

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Nice tileset, ordinary level… I find the black lines bordering the water to clash with the rest of the tileset

Nice level I like that tileset Dusty has always been a great artist. Trees remind me of link to the past.

Very good demonstration of multiple tiers of travel. However, it’s somewhat unbalanced and empty feeling on the left side

Bonus points for cleanliness though.

Good point. I was actually thinking about how it was empty as well. It was somewhat unavoidable because the path veering off to the right is naturally going to make it look more interesting on the right side and I wanted the trees to hug the edges of the cliff as close as possible. I might try to fit in some grass patches on the left side now though.

If we alter the focal line from the river to a path that uses the river, which works because the river is already fairly straight as it is, we can gain balance easily. All you would have to do is alter the bottom left into some sort of small path. I’d probably put some river stones in there too on each side.

:open_mouth: Graal Souls? :smiley: that would be an interesting and cool combination and add something amazing to PVP. Also, very nice level.

Dark Souls is just clunky enough to work for Graal. It could work!