Easier Putting GUIs

Would this be able to happen? Either to make it easier to script GUIs, or a special type of setup where you barely have to script or don’t have to script at all, you mostly need the GUI graphic images.

Someone somewhere could make an editor npc.

Yup. You can already do this. Just take one someone already made and make new graphics in the same dimensions.

I know I can do that, but I kinda have trouble, I suck at scripting.

Anyway, there should be a GUI Editor, where you insert the image/images, write what you want it to do or check it off in boxes, then it generates the script for you that you copy and paste.

Hey Yen, when can you have that Secret of Mana style GUI script ready? I can’t wait to use it. :smiley:

Yen, yelling at him isn’t going to teach him how to do anything. Just stop posting in these kinds of threads if you aren’t going to be helpful.

I’ll help you script through aim if you promise to stop making threads like this, ok? Most people don’t take kindly to having scripts asked for straight out with zero effort.

Thanks. Ive tried learning how to script, and how to make GUIs, but it just seems too hard for me.

Scripting is easy. Just sit down for an hour and try.

I think that he has made it clear that he has tried and failed.

If you want to know the basics to making a GUI all you need is some in|x,y|'s and some showimg’s combined with the mouseclick flag. It’s really not that hard to do and I have a thread asking about how to do those things already. I know now it’s easy, but before I knew it seemed hard. Give it a better chance this time. I’ll answer any question you may have about making it.

Refer to this thread to see what you are doing wrong.

Thats what I did with making levels, graphics, and ganis, and now im really good at making all of them. But when I try with scripting, it just seems to be really confusing. I mean, I can script very basic stuff, but thats really it. Later today, i’ll try to learn how to script again.

Read all the scripting docs in the graal folder and test them out. Then change them a little to see what happens.

scripting isn’t something you’re going to get good at overnight. I’ll admit I’m quite a bit shitty too. I can’t even do complicated stuff. It’s just something you have to work on, and I haven’t been working on it lately. Go pull a bunch of NPCs off the forums, tinker with them and try to think like the editor when reading them. It exercises your reading ability.

When I think of coding something I feel like going to sleep. Boring, man.

If you try and fail, try again. That’s what effort is. If you don’t fail wonderful! But if you do fail study where you fault at and that’s how you learn.

i want the gui system graalonline has implemented x-x. but sadly as how spooon said… graal reborn is not allowed to have good things.

If downsider follows through with his client i’ll make a gui handler if he hasn’t which will make guis super easy.

I’d really like to know when everyone saw me say that.