Editor problem with setshape

I have two NPCs, the first uses an actiontrigger to command the second. This is all working fine.

The problem is I want the second NPC to be invisible to the player. Actiontrigger and hidden NPCs generally do not work together unless you use setshape. I fix this like so:

if (playerenters) { setshape 1,2,2; }

The actiontrigger now works without an image, again everything is fine… EXCEPT the editor. With {setshape 1,2,2;} I can no longer select or in anyway interact with the NPC through the editor. I have to open it up with a text editor and remove the setshape command. This is not desired, I’m happier editing NPCs within Graal’s editor.

Is there a fix or workaround to this, or do you guys not even bother with Graal’s editor for scripting NPCs?

You could make the setshape size a bit bigger than 2 pixels?

[color=blue]sets the shape of the npc: type=1 means rectangle [b][u](width,height in pixels)[/u][/b][/color]

…Or did you want it to be 2 pixels big for some reason and i’m being an idiot?

I figured setshape was in tiles, not pixels… I’ll have to try with 32 and see if the editor likes that instead.

– Update–

Yeah, that lets me select the NPC. *sigh, thanks.