Anybody getting Halo odst?

What the hell is it?

A shitty prequel to Halo 3

Yeah I am thinking of getting it to try it out.

I heard it leaked last week, month before release.

I suppose I am, I’ve always liked playing Halo 3 not because it has a bad storyline but because it’s just fun with friends. I’m not hoping for it to be better, I’m mostly looking into the firefight mode and the multiplayer since you don’t have to pay for the other fucking maps on Halo 3, you get them for free on this one.

Halo has always been one of those games that just suck playing by yourself and the storyline doesn’t give it much appeal. So, anyway, that’s the main reason why I’m picking it up (I would get Gears of War 2 but I’m not a fan of 3rd-person shooters).

This is probably going to be the only post that’s serious.