Elven Lands [Info]

http://www.graal.in/playerworlds/show/Elven Lands - BoK




Spyder - Owner/Manager
Dizturbed - Manager

Server Specs
Windows Server 2008
CPU - 2.2Ghz Core Duo
Memory - 4GB


Looking for Help
Levels, NPCs and Graphics - Pretty much all across the board on this.

I’ve been out of the Graal world for some time now and I’ll be damned if I’m going back to that @#$#@ version of it now.

That being said here is the plan for Elven Lands. We are going to redevelop the entire server. 100% New Content. We currently have the old Server Data up for play and to build general interest in the game.

I’m looking for people who want to be part of a professional grade server. This means we would reply heavy on team work, standards and a quality of work that may not have ever been seen in a Graal Server.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, please let me know and we can talk. There is a set of tools that are being used by the developing team to make this easier. We have a Wiki setup for our documentation, a private forums (I wish and hope we will use this thread and forums) as well as source control software that will allow us to do weekly releases of new content for the server.


Elven Lands looks like crap. Remake it.

By the by, if your project ever dies you can always donate it to the Graal Reborn PlayerWorld project.

Stefan you bastard, you ruined my server!

I’m sure that this Stefan hasn’t done anything wrong.

I think hes refering to Stephanie


People shouldn’t compain about people that they don’t even know the names of.

so what’s this place then? don’t remember having any elves on this forum?

Old server from 99’ or so.

okay, well i hope its a good server, i tried the link in the first post but it didnt work so i dont know anything about it…

The link works, just there isnt a public site yet.

Elven Lands 4 LyFe(punctuation)

I always thought that Elven Lands was the biggest piece of shit on Graal. It’s worse than UN.

if you want i can help at levels just pm me

You’re worse than UN.

ahh good old spooon insulting everything just for that one extra post on his post counter…

well i still need to reinstall the reborn .exe and everything before i can have a look at it, but im sure even “IF” spooon is right in anyway, its not that bad and can always be made better.

It’s not a bad server, and in fact while it was up it was a very popular server.

I’m currently talking to members of the Dev Team to see if we want to fix up the current levels or start a new server. So far it’s looking like we are going to start from the ground up.

I like the server. I’m going to start some quests, soon. :open_mouth:

How could a server without any organization be popular?