eMachines W340UA Drivers.

This fucking shit, over9000+ internets to the guy that can get me the drivers for this POS :slight_smile:

eMachines W340UA

well your problem is that you’re using an emachine.


I’ve always hated cheap proprietary machines for this and other reasons. Likely everything is onboard and leeches from the CPU and memory resources. Try looking at the system list, hardware tab, device manager in the control panel, even if the driver is not installed it may give you a clue as to what individual devices you have such as video and sound. I am kinda surprised the stuff is not automatically detected by Winblows or the latest Linux distro… If the official support website does not have the drivers then that company really stinks. I’ve noticed a sad and disturbing trend of support websites ruining their interfaces and removing pages and files for no good reason, even IBM and Oracle are guilty of this… My advice is whenever you see a driver file, no matter what hardware or OS it’s for, SAVE IT even if you don’t have or use that hardware… I’d suggest just sticking a new graphics and sound card into it, but it’s an eMachine so your power supply is likely only 120 watts and it probably only has one PCI slot if any slots to speak of…