Enigma Reborn.

Yes. It’s happening. I’m actually going to revamp the server. I can’t do it myself though. I need a team of hard working, dedicated staff. I have an overworld setup already. I’m planning on re-using alot of inside levels so the main focus is going to be the OW. I need someone who can keep up the style of the levels that are made already, if you think your up to the challenge, let me know.

Ooh ooh me me pick me Pick me! :0 since I’m back I may aswell do something. Bt wait. Do I count? Coz I think I’m technichally already hired.

If you’re already hired, shut the fuck up.

GO GET EM!! *Hands Spooon a giant wooden spoon with nails in it

Was asking coz idk if I am

Yeah for now you are haha and Spooon, you should join the team as well haha.

Is this the Enigma that I’m asked to work on every day on Official Graal?

Currently yes.

Wait, this shit is on official Graal? Why are you posting about it here?

Coz it’s on here too

Once I get a new computer, I’ll be back working on Classic.

No I miss read his post, it is not on official Graal, it used to be.