Entertaining Youtube Channels?


Just wondering what some good Youtube channels are. Recommendations, for when I am bored and want to procrastinate. :smiley:

Could be quite useful for others also. I imagine.


I like to watch griefers raging people in csgo and other shitty games, myg0t, team gamerfood, fusoya, stgggs, etc

aside from that I enjoy history weapons channels like forgotten weapons and c&rsenal


I bet I am one of those that have been griefed. I rage hard in CSGO.



This guy is great


That guys pretty bloody funny. I was watching him play some speed run of a game where you escape some old pedophile, it was quite amusing.



That game looks fun :open_mouth: Reminds me of the amazing machine? or whatever that old game is >.>


The amazing machine gave me headaches but it was SO fun.


I too like penguinz0, I also like AVGN, I have followed AVGNs stuff since he started before youtube even existed when he had his stuff solely on screwattack.com and his own site.

I like the Vinesauce people such as Vinny, Joel and Rev. I found them through Joel’s Windows Destruction series.


I’ve subscribed to penguinz0 now XD top quality sass.
AVGN is awesome, especially all the Xmas specials. I’ve followed him about the same time, bought quite a few shirts and the movie just to support him.

I will give Vinesauce a look later on.