Era (unofficial)

Hello guys im Doc or starblaze and i bring here a new server Called Era (unofficial) im actually looking some talented
lats,developers,scripters,gfx,and ganiers …

the server is not ready at all but the osl is ready, u can visit it whenever u want u all aré wellcome

application to lats

Send a previous level u made (era tiles) to [email protected]

for scripters show me a script u made

for developers

Send levels (era tiles) and scripts u made to [email protected]

for gfx

Sends ur works to [email protected]

any question or u cant contact me here in forums go insto era (my server ) and send me a pm

all post and messages aré wellcome here

Thanks riley

Why would anyone want to work on an Era clone?

Why not zod

If you’re going to ask people to try out for the server, shouldn’t you include the Era tileset for download?

Since you’re demanding people send you levels with Era tiles only, that’s not gonna go over well.

like a boss


what u guys recommend me to do era tiles or classic, i got the kingdoms images to do levels but i need the tile script, what u say ERA CLASSIC OR KINGDOMS

Not even sure if Kingdoms is possible on Reborn.

but the kingdoms tile is on the tutorial i think is posible but i let thise to the expirienced persons, well u can recommend me too =)

Nobody likes Era so uh, and no one likes Kingdoms. Classic is good, but you’ll do it wrong.

I like era but I already work for iphone era, not that I’d actually consider working for you anyway…

i never said u to help me … but thanks anyways :slight_smile:

I play Kingdoms all the time, but yeah. Nobody will script that.

humm thanks spoon for that so the kingdoms tile is out , is between era or classic, ohh and wellcome our new staff

Rapilia (GFX)
John612 (LAT)

wellcome to the team :smiley:

Well I can’t deny that your levels are improving, albeit painfully slowly…

0.000069 star out of 3

edit: Oi oi oi! I didn’t say that!!!

The reason why you don’t see a lot of Era-type levels and Graal Kingdom levels is because 1. those tilesets are a bitch to put up with, and 2. their scripts generally require more indepth analysis than a regular Classic-style level.

Graal Kingdoms is especially difficult to emulate. (There’s a reason that the opening “tutorial” is the only thing in GK mode, and not the actual editor…)

The most important thing to do is stay within your means. If you try to overexert yourself by doing too big a project, you’ll burn yourself out and become frustrated.

I dislike this server, so I will simply refuse to log onto it. If I keep trolling I could get banned from the forums for a few weeks and everybody might blissfully forget my existence. :’(

Sounds good.