Eraaaaaa :0

Anyone got the era server files? I know its in agrets dvd but i cant download 2gb on my shithouse 50kb/s.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I can take it off the DVD and zip it up for you this afternoon unless someone does it before me.

Sweet ty :slight_smile: just linlk it somewhere

o_o please don’t do this Jatz, Reborn has been doing so well in not having a modern server this year.

Just download the torrent, and choose what you want to download from it.

I used to download movies that took me like a week to download on that connection so stop whining.

Thread closed, if he wants to still whine then send him the individual files in a PM. Don’t need this thread getting hijacked.

Sorry, doesn’t work that way with the torrent since there are multiple rars containing an ISO-file.

That’s retarded then. Obviously.