Era's Motorcycle Gani

Hey i wonder if there is anyone that have era’s motorbike gani? i know it starts with era_motorbike-

so if any one have it please popst it here


Era has motorcycles?

i didn’t know they had one either , but i looked and i don’t have it . i have even logged on to era to get it , but haven’t seen it . have you looked in the graal DVD ?

yes i have looked on the graal dvd. And they did have a motorbike for like around 3-4 years ago i have the image on it but not the ganis

It also has been out only for a very short time. And it was fkin expensive and like no one had it.

ahh w/e.

Good luck finding it :>

i did have the motorbike and it was fun to drive thats why i want to find the ganis

If you have the images, could just… open graalshop.exe and make some new ganis?

The motorbike had it’s own little park thing lolol.

I remember that thing.


Yes but the thing is i am not that good with graalshop