[Error] No response from MySQL

I get this error when i run the list server, i just wanted to try it here’s my cfg im running on linux

I know all my stuff is correct in the MySQL area, again just wanted to test it

gserverPort = 14900
gserverInterface = AUTO
clientPort = 14922
clientPortOld = 14923
clientInterface = AUTO
name = SoulzList
url = http://www.soulzinc.com/
donateUrl = http://www.graal.in/donate.php
maxDuplicates = 3
maxServers = 100
defaultServerLevel = 1

server = soulzinc.com
user = root
password = ****
database = graal_gserver
serverlist = graal_servers
userlist = graal_users
serverhq = graal_serverhq
securelogin = graal_securelogin

//below is for linux only
sockfile = /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock

guild_names = graal_guilds
guild_members = graal_guilds_members[/CODE]

is your mysql configured to use sockets?

Oh, yeah, the latest one needs info for vBulletin that we forgot to add to the settings file. It’s for the friends system, so you can comment out that part. It’s going to be revamped anyway! :slight_smile:

Ok, can’t wait this stuff is awesome xD

I mean, you can fix it yourself by editing the source to comment out the “friend stuff” in order to get it to work without waiting for us to make another release.

Oh sorry miss read thanks!