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[Ethereal Odyssey - Codex Edition]---------------------------------------[2/24/2018]
(Previously known as Giafea)
Description: This is a documentation post for the Ethereal Odyssey server of Graal Reborn.
It contains information for the Storyline, Characters, Systems, and Development logs.
If you are a player that enjoys experiencing the story content of a game, it is advised that
you avoid reading this until you have completed the main storyline segments of the game.
I will implement a [Spoiler Altert] message in the title context of a section to warn any
players reading, to the best of my ability. Search functions(ctrl+f) will also be available.

|–{Table of Contents}-------------------------->
|?Character Creation -[2/24/2018]-[cc.0] \
|?Prologue Chapter - [2/24/2018]–[c.0]-- \
|?The World of Gaia - [2/24/2018]-[d.0]-- /
|?Footnotes - [2/24/2018]------------[f.0]— \
|?Screenshots - [2/24/2018]—||----[s.0]-- /
|?Server Information - [2/25/2018]-[si.0]-/


| Ethereal Odyssey is an multiplayer role-playing game currently in the Alpha Stages of development.
| Throughout this Codex I will provide information regarding the various systems that will be in place.
| Some additions may not be fully explained, as this post will continuously be updated during the
| development process. Some of the features mentioned may not yet be implemented in the game,
| but gives a sense of what is planning to be in the game. This publication is subject to change
| over the course of the development phase, in which case edits will be made and mentioned.
| This document may also be called a Project Diary in simpler terms.

| The player is is awakened in the middle of the night, your village is being overrun by an unknown
| army, and there is no time to waste in seeing to your sibling’s safety after discovering the corpses
| of your parent’s and neighbors. Fleeing into the nearby forest, the player finds themselves lost
| and separated from their sibling. A few hours pass by, and you stumble upon a cave. Exhausted
| from the past event, you find a comfortable spot to rest, and drift to sleep.

| During the players slumber, you find yourself aware that you are also concious. A shadowed figure
| approaches as you here the faint whisper with a ghostly fade. As the voice becomes clearer, the
| shadow explains that a day of reckoning approaches, and that the world must be prepared to leave
| the planet. You are charged with the task of resurrecting the ancient towers scattered across Gaia.
| These towers serve as energy sources that are linked to a central tower in the far eastern oceans.

| As the shadow starts to explain further, it is only about to tell you to head North, to the continent of
| Ren’Vera Kingdom. You are suddenly awakened to the sound of steel clashing. A young man is
| standing before you, locked into combat with a soldier. The soldier is struck down, and the man
| takes off with only the words, “You’re welcome! Get out of here, fast!”

–{Character Creation}--------------------------------------------{[cc.0]}–
| The Character Creation menu allows the player to choose an initial weapon. Depending on the
| weapon you choose, you will also be choosing your initial Class. While the Class that you choose
| isn’t permanent, it will be some time before you will be given the chance to change out Classes.
| Take this into consideration as to the path you wish to follow.

| The following Classes are available at this point: Swordsman, Hunter, Student, and Apprentice.

| [Swordsman] : A close-quarters type fighter, utilizing swords as their weapons. They have the
| ability to equip shields to increase their Defense, but doing so compromises their Strength.
| A Swordsman has the ability to learn various fighting TECHs, and makes for a good damage-
| dealer in a group. This Class may be a good choice for a beginner to RPG’s.

| [Hunter] : A close-quarters and long-range type fighter, using daggers and bows as their weapons.
| They have the ability to increase their Agility temporarily, and lay traps for their prey. Hunter’s
| rely heavily on their surroundings, and has the ability to learn Stealth & Trap TECHs, making
| them a good saboteur in a group. This class may be a good choice for an experienced player.

| [Student] : A mid-range type fighter, using various books and spells as their weapons.
| They have the ability to equip shields to increase their Defense, but doing so compromises their
| Magic. A Student has the ability to learn healing spells and buffs enchantments, as well as
| other MAGs, making them a good assist in a group. This class may be a good choice for a
| beginner or experienced player.

| [Apprentice] : A long-range type fighter, using staves and spirit stones as their weapons.
| They have the ability to cast elemental spells and debuffs, as well as summon small
| mythological creatures to aid them in combat for a limited time. Apprentice’s rely on
| powerful spells to get a battle finished quickly, and has the ability to learn Curse and
| Field MAGs, making them a good tactician in a group. This class may be a good choice for
| an experienced players.

| The player will have these ability to change their head/body/shield/sword graphics, as well
| as wear hats related to their current Class. Other equipment options may be implemented
| later on, as there’s so much already currently in the works it’ll take a while either way.

–{Prologue Chapter - The Winds of Change}----{[c.0]}–
*This section was copied from a .txt file I made, so please excuse it’s layout.

These Islands, Southwest of the Continent
are home to a hermit kingdom. A peaceful
people, hidden away from the burdens of
civilization. They cling to a story that
was passed down through 5 millenia. The
rest of the human population worship a
similar story, only recorded 4 Millenia.
This has created strife and stigma between
the two entities, and have forced them to
go their seperate ways.
–=Prologue=–_____–={The Winds of Change}=–
—A godlike presence lurks in the furthest reaches
of space and time. Over the trillions of years that
the universe has existed, the almost infinite amount
of galaxies, galaxy clusters, galaxy constellations,
star systems, planets, and living beings, has nearly
died out.
—Only one galaxy remains in the “Black Abyss”, as
it’s known amongst the last generations of humanity.
Earth is nothing but a long forgotten memory, lost in
the fog of time. Nearly 100,000,000 years have passed
since mass populations fled the earth ,being devoured
by a strange phenomena known as a “Rogue Sun”.
—Over countless millenia, this tragedy happened time,
and time… and time again. It 's almost as if the
force of Life is flickering out like a flame. No civilization
that has survived over the years have managed to discover the
origin of these “Rogue Suns”.
—“Gaia”, is home to a range of races that have found thier
way to the legendary “Promise Land” that’s mysteriously
mentioned in their religions and origin texts. Some refer it
as heaven, while more modern civilizations began to see it as
a time in the universe when it is ready to collapse unto itself,
destroying everything inside the bubble it had made.
—They believed once a being dies, it’s spirit and conciousness
is thrust through to the end of time and into another realm that
exists parallel to the Universe.
The races of “Gaia” normally keep distant from one another,
with a few rare exceptions in certain towns and villages.

Coming Soon!

–Male Template - Rough Shading
– [ATTACH=JSON]{“data-align”:“none”,“data-attachmentid”:“189263”,“data-size”:“full”}[/ATTACH]
–{This is nowhere near finished, and is subject to change. I’m wanting to test out these dimensions, which will also
include using a bigger tileset size as well. This image will be for the “Status Screen” from where you can view currently equipped
gear, affinities, and battle information. This will also be used for various .GANI animations.}–|--{2/26/2018}–|

–{Server Information}----{[si.0]}-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

*The Codex was started on 2/24/2018 - Updated on: 2/26/2018

| Server Name: Ethereal Odyssey
| Status: Alpha Development v .01
| Open Staff Positions:
| Developers, Scripters, Levels Team Members
| Events Calander: Under Development, no special events are planned.
| Currently Working On: Ren’Vera Islands | System Menus & Stats | Revamped Karma System |
| Star System + Worlds | Ambitiousness out the ass…

*Over time I will continually update this post, it’s taken a long time just for me to get this much
transferred over. More information and a reformat will be included with the next update, as well
as a few images and screenshots showing what I’m currently working on.

If you see Ethereal Odyssey on the server list feel free to stop by and check it out.
Please post any Bug Reports | Comments | Suggestions in this post.


I noticed that this may be in the wrong section, if it is feel free to move it into the proper forum as my server is nowhere near finished.

This is the right section. We’re not incredibly strict here, so no worries.

Thanks, I’ll add to this as I go. It just serves as a in-depth road-map at the moment.

Hopefully all these anonymous viewers that are on the forum at any given time (20+ usually), people will be more inclined to actually sign up and see what’s going on server-side.

Overall I want to see more members (new, old, and returning alike) active in server creation. The process of getting a vanilla server online is so much simpler than it used to be as well.

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