Event Chance -xKaty

Sorry still scripting for it some ppl says that its buggy x-x
idk why!!!

Yay for gs2! Thanks!

Maybe having a gs2 subforum wouldn’t be a bad thing?
We regularly turn around GS2 coders, dunno if there’s a possibility of creating a niche for them here?

Probably stole the script, anyways.

Nah bra.

It seems like a pretty simple script anyway. 'Could probably come up with a GS1 version in no time.

Thing is, chance is such a lame event now because any noob can script, such that it’s not worth having on your server. People need to become more creative.

That’s like saying partying is lame because anyone can throw up a party…

Wtf? 2ndwolf go home! You’re… 2ndwolf :ohdear:

LOL I didn’t even notice XD

Guys, imagine using a language only in the written form… must be what happens then.

I do kinda of agree with this. We kind of push people away, when we want to try keep them.

Sure GS2 wont actually work here but getting help from other coders would still be nice for new players to learn better.