Event of the Month (December)

What: A monthly development contest to see who can come up with the best event or mini-game. Events don’t have to be multiplayer, but do need some sort of competitive aspect. (High score, or best time table of some sort)
How: We’ll hook you up with your own lobby on the Graal Reborn server that you can use to link to your submission. Just PM me if you’re interested.
Limitations: No spar based competitions (You can have one in or linked to your lobby, but it can’t be the submission)
Voting: Polls open Wednesday Jan. 1st

Theme: None, anything goes!

Frankly, I’d participate… I already have most of the programming and conception thought up for a minigame I wanted to set up as a temporary server but computers have been so much less appealing to me lately…
But having my minigame hosted on a server instead of having to set up mine is a big plus really.
In short, I might participate and love the initiative so I’m showing my interest.

Question, though:
Would whoever is hosting care to use my mod of the gserver? It enables saving and loading of text files and I find it really practical for my ideas. It’s like being able to have more complex server variables… like… it could enable level editing possibilities, or… like… with a few tweaks, we’d be able to have high scores displayed both in game and on this website. Given that the website could load the text file from the server and parse it. Complicated but cool possibility methinks. Personally, I was thinking at first using it to keep highscores but bomber arena seems to show there are other ways to do that… so another possibility would be for my minigame to add a level edit option (it’s an obstacle course kind of game) and people could add their self made levels to challenge others. Text files would contain the level info… it’d be pretty nice to have. And really, anything anyone could think of that can be saved as an npc and loaded later. I created the mod at first for a server that was dynamically creating randomized levels, it was pretty cool, could be useful for anything dynamic that would need to stay (example: statues of the look of the player-who-got-the-top-five-high-score’s look when he/she got the high-score). Anyways, maybe I’m too passionate about conception and overcomplicating things again.

Perhaps this event may be a bit better if we were given a bunch of scripts and had to work with them. I only say this due to the amount of people who actually can script on a decent level. It’d also bring the more experienced devs back in line with those who haven’t done as much work.

You guys are going to cry when you see what im working on.

I think a tutorial on how to make a Bomber Arena type game would be helpful. (A que and game management type stuff–you could make a Pac Man vs. event to demonstrate it this month) I got the system under control in the EL archery game, but I never cleaned up the game play. My scripting is atrocious anyway though, so I’d probably have to revise it a few times if I released a tutorial.

Zelda Classic is still trucking these days, so I’m wondering whether we might have better luck with the quest competition and attracting new developers if we got a resource pack going. I was thinking about a monthly release with 12 items in it that we could work into the Predefined NPCs section of the editor. (Traps, non-character baddies, treasures, etc) I made wishlist of things I thought I could make myself and never got going so yeah…

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I can’t log onto the server to do it yet, but I’ll add an area where anybody can contribute to a monthly resource pack. I’ll try to fill it up myself, but it’s there if anybody wants to contribute something or point out anything I’m doing wrong.

Woo! i’m a part of the pitfall example

That’s clearly Onijustin, everybody knows that you have holes in your face instead of eyes. You have rc access to the server now, so you can make some stuff and put your face all over it.

Resource pack room is linked to the osl. I gave a lot of people access to the opendev folder should they ever want to look at anything or add something. I didn’t set up 2ndwolf’s rc since he either hasn’t logged onto the server or uses an alt account in game.

O, thanks for thinking of me; I’m just not around as much. If I ever finish any worthy material, I’ll let you know :).

Well the server wasn’t accessible the last couple days, but I’m sure there are all kinds of last minute entries lined up. Guess I’ll check up on it on New Years.

Server should be working now. :slight_smile:

There weren’t any submissions so nobody wins this time. We’ll try the contest stuff again whenever I get the tutorials and such together.