I have 10,000 HP come find me and try to kill me. The prize will be determined later.

No using warpto/summon/boots
Nu using weapons that cannot be purchased in the Sword Shop

LOL, We can use our Guild Swords guys, you can’t buy them at the Sword Shop ;D

Prize of 3 tickets goes to Spooon.

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Got anymore ideas for quirky/fun events?
Post them here.

ill give a prize to the first person who finds me on graal and gives me the correct time of day. thats all i can think of.

I’ll give a prize to whomever says something really sexy and gets me all hot and bothered.

Downsider you are now dating this chick

Great thread guys!

Never did get those tickets.

Yea you did. client.EC=3 i guess they’re coins for some reason

nope, there tickets, its retarded how it happened but it did