You all remember the RPG server created by Bloocat?

How it was GS1 AND it had no NPCCONTROL?

He showed it was possible, and if you put man-hours into this and Actually don’t quit would it work?

I plan on making a server constructed such as this was.

In fact, I already have some done (Race/Class selection easy part xd)

The server is going to construct of RPG game-play, weapons and such (easy as well.)

Money making will be many things :stuck_out_tongue:

As I’m to lazy so I’m going to throw some things in from other servers as well (Since I’m all alone and I really don’t want nobody else looking around files xX sad to say)

Plus, I need to practice GS1 a bit if I wish to expand on to GS2 when I have a job. :stuck_out_tongue:

So, I’m putting together a mini-server.

I’ll actually Toss information in here later and I’ll toss in a screenie later when I have more then 3 levels xX (raceselect, classselect, mainhouse) haha :slight_smile:

I do indeed have very little exp in GS2 but since this is GS1 it should be a little more understanding with all the simple guides I see everywhere now-a-days.

Lets just see where I go I guess, considering I’m not that bad in Levels, or graphics, Or ganis at that. I can also do sounds! ahha :stuck_out_tongue:

But I have quite little knowledge of scripting, but I have understanding of it and I can actually create some mid level things. (Self-GFX Monsters, Movements, Moving Objects, GUI, Events) :stuck_out_tongue: so maybe I can learn more :]

What was the point of that post? It was really long and I saw no point in it.

If you read it correctly, you would see that I’m describing something;
You know DESCRIBE, explaining something? o_O

I do but you are just rambling on about nonsense.

Bloocat is a cunt.

How am I rambling any nonsense? elaborate please :stuck_out_tongue:

Your sentence and paragraph structure is difficult to understand, for one thing.

One of my gripes is that you

RPG servers were done many times over before GS2 was even conceptualized. I don’t think anyone ever said it was impossible… in fact many were completed and released(Maloria and such), unlike Blookat’s.

Doing it pre-triggeraction would be impressive. Not impossible, but impressive.

Valikorlia has had an RPG system even before Graal 2001 came out. Hell, it was the server that invented gani weapons.

Scale2x, a completely custom Movement System, particle system, horse system (two player horses). Damage isn’t done via triggeraction, its done “locally” like the official client, also doesn’t rely on onwall().

Personally I don’t see the big deal with an RPG system in GS1, I’ve done it before.
Then again I do things in GS1 w/o NPC-Server that most people wouldn’t think possible (mind you, sometimes a lil GServer modding is required)

I still laugh at the guy who thought you needed an NPC-Server to create a gravity/platformer script, wtf.

:stuck_out_tongue: So you want it to be a clutter-feast?

And to the guy talking about GS2 and Maloria, I’m saying WITHOUT a NPC server.

Isn’t his name Blookat?

Even without an NPC server, it’s more than possible… even though you specifically mentioned GS1 in your post, hence my mention of GS2. And yes, it was done way before the NPC server was introduced as well, since most of the data is stored in the player’s account, there are plenty of workarounds for communicating the data between players if you get creative.

___Merged doublepost__________________

Yes it is.

Blookat, the one who recolored/altered my scythe shield the most? :stuck_out_tongue:

i like his wing shields

I forget if his wingshields have the same dimensions as my scythe (meaning the scythe was used as a shield template) lol

Eh, you can do it, but as you get into trickier things (elemental damage, say) you start to need to get creative. And it’s still possible. Just interesting and if it works well, impressive.

Then again, working well would be impressive no matter what. :stuck_out_tongue:

Elemental Damage would be extremely easy with triggeractions.

triggeraction x,y,punch,fire;
setshootparams ice;
shoot x,y,z,angle,zangle,power,gani,ganiparam;

if(actionsomething) {
if(strequals(#p(0),Element) Dmg = Dmg * 1.5;