FA, Furrys Anonymous

Is the name of the guildhouses that will inevitably show up

this is a guild/group for all those Furrys out there

best place for Furry art is http://www.furaffinity.net/

a place for furry’s to come together and chat (forums), http://portal.furnation.com/

just beware the odd cat thief

We do have a computer tech though

Tech Support will fix all the bandwidth issues, like this one

Every now and then we will play Poker on Pokerstars.net

all members are to use Furry based heads, with or without the cat body.

so furrys just really really like cats and stuff?

To the point that they want to be that kind of animal… I have yet to stumble upon a furry that wants to be a seacow. -_-

if i wanted to be god, would i be a furry?

Do seacow’s have fur?

No point in pretending to look like a manatee if you already look like one.

Probably some kind of mustache

ok so furrys dress up like the animal they want to be all the time.

Only the ones who are able to find a big enough carpet to cover themselves in.
Or Duct Tape if they’re really poor.


i see he could afford a dildo

I’m not sure whether to laugh harder at the empty rolls of duct tape behind him or the fact he owns a Macintosh (on the floor)

Only problem with it is that the eyes are misaligned and it looks like you can’t really take it off O_o.

Oh, and the fact that it’s also a creepy animal costume… made out of duct tape… left over from rape…


I see your avatar multiplied, and now has a clone to bash, which is also bashing him O.o

I don’t like furries, but I like you, Dontar.


lolz…well something like that XD

Im a fan of Furry “art” :3


Um Well, I wanna be a wolf or horse all the time. Even though I am a saggitarius thus being already half horse(Centaur) . ; ) and we Centaurs are long downstairs.

If you gotta brag about it, then you’re not packin’ heat.

From what I recall, Wolves are the closeted Bisexuals of the furry world.
Also, Centaur fetish is weird.

Extremely weird.

so all you need is a horse head and your set. can save money by not buying the complete horse costume :slight_smile: