Fail ?

So i singed me up yeah and i logged in on the exe but he says invalid account or password but the password and the account/email are correct?
confusing me???

It depends, it doesnt let you log on if your female.

Omg i want a right answer thanks and please?

By default, your account for the serverlist is not created. In order to create your serverlist account, you must go into your UserCP and click Add/Change Password in the Manage Graal Account section of the Control Panel.

After you do that, your account on the serverlist will be created using the same login name you use for the forums: yourusernamehere

Lemme see ok

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Uhm and how to make a own server??I am new on reborn i play graal pc orginal i have there a serve rbut how i get one here?

You need to obtain the gserver software, it’s not super complicated but for most it could be considered “pretty complicated.”

Here is the downloads page. At the bottom is the gserver release.

I did all finish started server but how i see how its called on the graal.exe…?

Phew, sorry I’m doing my best to interpret your issue here… but you’re not being clear enough for me to understand.

Either you’re not comprehending what you yourself are doing or perhaps English is not your first language?

This might seem silly but yer I know that someone under your name of twaina plays graalonline, if its you, you do not use the same password here as you do on graalonline. Just making sure of that also what gllt said is correct, you have to do this stupid forum thing in the user control panel to activate your password in game, its doesnt need to be a different password. You just have to do it lol, also just so you know… since everyone can make there own server it means that there aren’t that many people wanting to be hired to a newb so deal with that, also welcome to reborn lol

We used to not have the graal password seperate from the forum password, but we added this thing to the forums as people started to mod their servers to grab peoples passwords (admins mainly to fuck up forums and other shit).

At first we hosted all the servers ourselves, so this wasn’t a problem back then.

So I strongly advice not to use the same password on forum and graal. Do not use a password you use anywhere else for graal.

Joey’s Server Hosting

'nuff said.

Damn it cad, now these iNoobs are gunna try modify there server software to try steal passwords… oh gawd -_-

Calm down, they’re iNoobs, not 4chan. :expressionless:

sighs with relief

I’m sorry, but this comment deserves a bigger facepalm.

That’s as bad as tumblr thinking 4chan would have anything to do with them.

Which is as bad as anyone thinking 4chan does anything.

Anyone who calls GraalOnline “graal pc original” isn’t from GraalOnline.