I swear to fuckin god, he does not know where to post things. Each time I see one of his retarded questions, it’s always in the level design forum which gets annoyinger and annoyinger. Like REALLY!? A script question in a LEVEL showcase?

Just tell him that it’s the wrong place.
Noobs hate placing things in the wrong place. This was unnecessary.

He’s said he’s quitting graal so don’t worry about it.


IF he doesnt quit (bad thing) then tell him and keep on telling him coughspamcough :smiley:

Dipshit shaun i dont even fking know u all i know is ur inoob so fking leave me alone

From the way you’ve spoken upto now, I assume you are one too.

But from that sentence I have NO clue what to think.


Yay for chasing away another member!

Since when all these other kids get here? I wasn’t gone that long.

You’re a retard. It doesn’t take that fucking long for three people to join and talk on the forums.

rofl come up with something more creative? u have no idea how many time people have told me that im a noob and gone rage mode onme :stuck_out_tongue:

oh and your a mewbie urself, not as much as me but still not like the other guys here