Few Question please help.

1.How to make a shop where ppl can buy hats and stuff.
2.How to make a map out of levels like i dont have to warp from level to level
but ill just walk through levels like in graal classic.(i tried that beholder tutorial but i didnt understand.)
3.How to make this kinda thing that ppl have houses like in graal classic.
4.How to make pets and monsters that u can be?(like in classic)

Please help.
And i mean graalonline classic ipod.

This isn’t for making your own iPhone server.

Well using the search button would have solved a lot.
Here is a simple NPC for buying a hat.

setimg haticon.png;
if(playerchats && strequals(#c,buy hat 1) && playerrupees > 10)){
toweapons Hat 1;
say2 Purchased Hat for 10 Gralat;
setplayerprop #P1,hat1.png;
setplayerprop #P1,hat1.png;

The map was simple, u need all your levels and then make a notepad text doc, for example, two levels I have:
Example1.nw and example2.nw
Now, make a notepad text doc, name it example_bigmap.txt open it and put this in “example1.nw”,“example2.nw”
Finally open example1.nw and put in this npc

if (playerenters)
setmap ,example_bigmap.txt,;

You’ll also need the system just find that in beholder’s tutorial

Btw anymore questions like this and you get trolled

No offense Blaze but that’s a horrible tutorial for maps. It’s not even the correct NPC. I am going to help him out with teamviewer and get a map going.

Good thing I’m here to lock the thread or those killing goomba-things would be eating you!

James went to iPhone? Removing him from my GraalOnline buddylist.