First post of the month

Because I can.

good for you

So 2ndwolf can only see our new posts in the threads that he’s started now, right?

Too much negrep or something? Wtf have I done.

It started to be weird when I logged into the forums and found out there was no new activity.

I’m all out of shitposts to make on this forum so I’m just gonna dive into my weebshit until you guys cringe

I could shitpost but people need to at least respond to them


I’m gonna see about getting the forums off this slow ass server.

The extracts from the first 15s are pretty nice

edit: fuck I didn’t actually watch the vid you posted. Ebin juke bro

damn why are anime girls hotter than real life? so unfiar

Forums are faster now


maybe if you say it one more time you can summon Sonic

The speed is on our side!

But for realz. Can anyone else confirm the speeds?

well it loads the message box in a fraction of the time it used to, so I guess that’s as good a indication as any

I have super slow internet but it seems faster, I guess?

Fuck yes


yeah it does seems faster but I’ve never realised it was slow before.