For CHRIST sakes

I have deleted the other two threads, it’s become more apparent how important it is to seem serious.

First, let me deal with what Marlon has said first:

Unfortunately, this one was acted out of pure assumption.
Right after I expanded the overworld and moved main island to a new spot, we started focusing on the intro quest. We are using the intro quest to develop and refine develops that will be very resourceful in increasing the quality of future quests.

I know what you’re talking about, I’ve already set the foundation for the new overworld. After the intro quest, I’m going to add on to the main island. Unfortunately, I’m not exactly sure what. However, I know there will be more quest.

The reason I moved it was because it was way too close to Unix-Graal. (A lot of the borders on both islands were on the same level) I’m trying to make Harmonia Island more independent, and it would look awkward otherwise if I didn’t move it.

Actually, that wasn’t as bad as I thought. I had a real rant before I finished responding.

Right now, I am struggling on staff power. I only have TWO active and reliable staff so far and one of them is lagging behind.

  • Are you good at levels? Right now we are suffering from severe LAT deficiency – and a lot of stuff is EMPTY. I need a cleaner to fix the messes I made while adding on to the overworld, and I won’t stop once Harmonia Island is finished.
    If you aren’t aware, there will be a LOT of quests and those kinds of stuff takes some manpower. I’ve already planned out an event which I require someone to make levels for.
  • Are you good at graphics? We mostly need help with making new graphics for the quests; but we are also working on a new GUI. There will also be unique weapons and other fun things too.
  • Are you good at scripting? Quests are pretty damn complicated to make and to pull off, and scripting them is one of them. The most complicated stuff is making custom baddies and bosses.
    There will be also jobs too, and I need scripting for that.

It may be shaky, but we are starting on the most important step: Direction.

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As I said, I can help out with scripting. But probably not custom baddies at this stage (not enough time)

Will be happy to do whatever job related scripts you need, sure keiya can handle them though :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh you like jobs? Here are some I’ve been thinking of:


Those are the typical shit that’s been around on Graal forever. I’ve been making some up too:

Hunting - Search for animals and kill them for meat which you can sell to towns. (Different kinds of meat go at different prices in different vendors)
Package Delivery - Random NPCs will pop up that will give you a package to send to a randomly designated place.

I swear I had one more though…

“Way to go adding even more water! SUCCESS!”
Haha, good times with that one on ‘Graal Reborn’, eh, Marlon?

You could’ve just moved it more east less south.

You could work on the Harmonian castle. At the moment it’s too easy to gain the throne and get the lvl2 sword.

You could still have moved it more east than south. You moved it too far away in my opinion.

We have quite a lot of furries on the forum. I’ve recently noticed it. It’s weirdly common.

Dontar was also weird, obese and emo. So that made it worse ofc. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t care if someone is gay, shemale, furry, masochist, etc as long as they don’t throw it in my face, like Dontar did, or Elk did.

I don’t brag about being hetero and I don’t hit on every girl joining our community. So the most normal way to act is to keep stuff like that to themselves.

This is a game, not a forum to discuss sexuality. And it’s not a dating site either.

And stop being immature about other peoples sexuality.

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Graal Reborn was going to have more land. I just removed everything that sucked to be able to start over. Adding Graal Reborn island to Harmonia removed a lot of water from the overworld. I discussed the adding of the island with Nelm before and he liked the idea.

I could have moved it more east one level more, but I’m making more room for expansion since I feel it’s a little too small.

After I finish the intro quest I’m going to replace all quest prizes with empty chests -temporarily; and there won’t be any prizes in the castle. Nelm’s fault right there :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I could have moved it more east, but then I would have to expand the world even MORE. I think it’s fine where it’s at, and there will be some land or whatever north of it.

By the way, I was screwing around again, I’m really male and straight. I’ll delete the posts since I don’t want anymore threadshit in here.

You could start by re-uploading the statue images. They’re missing, so I could just run through them.

I dont see the point of filling out my profile with stuff like that or going and making posts about it, unless Im trying to make a wisecrack :stuck_out_tongue:

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