Forum Rules, as of February 18, 2009

Forum Rules

1) If you are affiliated to Graal in any way including being apart of there mighty team of “Global Staff”, or apart of the “French Police” that Stephane Portha leads, then you are simply not welcomed here, hit the X on the top-right of this window and never come back.

2) Keep it Legal:

  • Do NOT attach anything that is the property of Graal. This includes any applications Graal has made, and publicly released. This also includes any graphics, scripts, levels made for graal. Anything created under Graal Reborn is, of course, allowed to be attached.

  • Direct-Linking to any illegal content is also forbidden, but linking to another site which happens to have that file he is looking for will be allowed as long as you do not mention where to find the file.

  • I do NOT want to receive any DMCA letters, and I am not going to risk getting myself in trouble for what you post. This will be heavily moderated, any one breaking this rule will immediately get an instant 7-day ban.

3) I understand you guys like to talk about Unixmad, I am fine with it. But don’t over do it. I don’t want no threats on his life, he is a fine guy he likes to threaten us, but if we do the same back to him, then we are on his level. Lets not stoop down to Mr. Portha’s level, lets play fair.

4) Respect your peers, just because they have a different opinion doesn’t mean you can push them around or just because they like something that you don’t. Don’t flame them, if it does feel its out of hand contact a staff member or use the report post button. This is the same towards staff members, don’t question there position if you have a problem with a staff member that did something contact them. Don’t make a big deal out of little things or you’ll be the one that pays!

5) Spam/Images/Porn, spam belongs in the spam board if you say post a URL that just has a joke within it than it’s spam this is the same with images if the thread has no post. Porn or anything related to this will be deleted and warned, kids and teens visit here everyday and keep it clean!

6) Inappropriate language, this one is pretty simple you don’t have to be purely clean just keep it at a fair level okay? Otherwise you will get that post edit or deleted.

7) Staff Members and PMs, if an admin or staff member contacts you about something you did relating the forum or something to that effect than you will do well to open the PM. This is a big deal, if a staff member thinks you have done something or you were take of this action you would be well to read the PM and if needed respond to it. Don’t post this stuff on the forums, again this starts to relate back to ‘Respect your peers’.

Other Notices

  • In our Administration Forum, we do NOT have any Graal content there. We simply use it to discuss things and issues. We do NOT plan attacks on Graal, and I recently created a new thread stating that we won’t be damaging Graal property in anyway, and I advise you all do the same in which many agreed. Graal Reborn is our MAIN priority.

  • We do not host any gservers on our server, and we never will. All gservers are hosted locally. The gold tab is reserved for moderators, and server admins who can keep there server up 24/7. There is no difference in Gold or Classic, we simply use Gold to organize the playerworlds.

  • If the rules are modified, there will be a public notice sent in your Private Messages box. According to U.S. Law, we -must- notify everyone of changes, so we will do so.

  • Posts are the responsibility of the author, if you post something illegal and it causes problems, you will be 100% at fault and may face criminal charges. The Administration will attempt to remove illegal content, but cannot promise it will be removed before someone claims it is illegal and takes legal action.

If I missed anything that the latest DMCA Stephane Portha has sent to us stated, then please pm me and I will add it.