Free Registry Cleaners?

Is there any good ones anyone knows about? I have tried a few “free” ones, they all make you pay.

cracks knuckles
I wanna make them pay!

download Tuneup Utilities 2010, crack it, use its 1-click, it cleans your system (including your registery)

thats what I did, my 1-click runs every day.


Prevention is better than cure. Only install random stuff in a virtual machine rather than natively on your Windows install.

Windows has no real package management system, and so stuff cannot reliably be uninstalled. At least with a virtual machine, it can be refreshed by simply copying / replacing the virtual hard drive image.

CCleaner. Also, kpedersen is right.

Dude, I have that. It works, thanks guys. I found it before I went to bed last night xD

format c:

Ahahaha… Well, yes that’s another way of doing it!