Frustrating forum registration


I’ve been trying to get new people to play, but most of them can’t get past the weird security question…

Could you just put something simpler in place?
This might be one of the choke points of why not so many new people play this game.

I thought the question was like “what’s the name of this website?”

It is, but admittedly I was over thinking it and getting it wrong until it finally clicked. It should be something like a trivial equation I think written as a worded sentence(no numbers/operators, just letters) with the output expressed as numbers, this would also reduce the ambiguity majorly.

Completing registration should also send a direct link to the playerlist registration in the verification e-mail…

Then you’d be in business!

Hosler, do you mind fixing this? Because I actually don’t give a flying pony about this.

It does matter though… that question really boggled me too and I’ve been playing graal for 13 years :\

It seemed very obvious to me, but it tripped up a friend of mine when he was registering. I guess it would be confusing to people who don’t know what the hell a “graal” is.

Ok changed to this: “What color is green?” I also inserted a link to change your in game password in the welcome email/pm.

On another note, this forum is full of redundant plugins which makes it super hard to work with. Just for a second I thought about deleting them all, but everything is OK now.

Lol vbulletin can be confusing for sure.

hustler, stp braking teh forums.

No broke

vbulletin is a bloated overpriced turd IMO. But switching forum software for the fifth time isn’t a good solution, so we’ll just keep it. I don’t really want to manage it though, since I don’t like it.

I appoint hosler to take care of this. If there’s any stupid plugins that is just slowing things down, you may disable them. If you (hosler) figure out a way to make the yellow box disappear after you’ve created a graal password, that would be great. =)

if (mysql password field not blank) {dont show annoying box;}

Best code ever.