furniture placement

i want to make a furniture system and i could make a whole list of messy strings for placement but im wondering is there a better way while still retaining the saving qualities of strings?

laughs evilly from the shadows
Haha, sorry, this is one of those topics I like to see what people can make. I haven’t even seen a server on Official properly pull it off with GS2 and an NPC-Server.

lol, u r an evil sob but its great

hmmmmm but what did they do about furniture on bomber arena then… o.0 are you messing with me beholder?lol

Endora had one. Zodiac has one.

Really? :open_mouth:
BomyIslands had one too, used putnpc though.
If you clicked one object that was stacked too close to another once, you’d end up grabbing them both.

Also the bit that Zodiac has one made me laugh, lol

Maybe you could make a system that works on Pushes and Pulls?
More realistic and it is way easier!

That would be pretty simple, I’d imagine. Only issue, then, goes to rotating things like chairs or couches or the like.

Yeah that would be bullflop.

I don’t know how well it’d work, but you could do something like if A is held (grabbing the piece in question) and then left or right is pressed, then rotate in that direction.

I think I was going to do that for bomber arena at one point but ran out of coding space.
Though theoretically, I could just slap it in a unique NPC- thought I would probably have to add another status bit to every object to define some objects as not pullable, ie: walls/doors/stairs.

The thing to worry about with putnpcs though is updating the levels, also pretty sure they can’t be seen unless you have a if(playerenters){setimg blah;}… you need the string system to keep track of everything so that it can be replaced when the level gets fucked over…

yer beholder how did you make your furniture system stay there even if the level is updated…

Server strings would work for storing x and y and furniture type.

but what im wondering is, if there is something cleaner then that lol, >.<

server.room2*=GE,GC<CG<EG8D>G94G;4CC80H3<[email protected]="9G";G:;GO9DM;D1>>%D;-9G":9H:9=7:DGE server.room2=1Spooon,<?A<=A<??<==<?=<=9<?9,99,;9,;;,9;,9=,;=,9?,;?,9A,9C,;C,;E,9E,=E,?E,=C,?C<=G<?G<AG<GG,AC,AE,CE,EE,GE,EC,CC,AA,A?,A=,A;,C;,C9,E9,E;,G=,E=,C=,C?,CA,GA,E?,G?,EA,G9,A9&A9&G90A3"G<,G;,;A<?;<=;'G<@C>%[email protected]"G>#G>" server.room2sys=10Spooon

Here’s the data from one of Spooon’s rooms ;D

It’s less complex than it is compound. I already told you that even Beholder built the furniture system over time, it’s not one of those things that does itself. Concept is fairly simple, it’s just laying down a foundation, working out the bugs, then expanding upon it. (Repeat steps 2 and 3 several dozen times a day for solid months if you’re Beholder)

(Also told you that you that you’d needed to practice working with strings. :-P)

lol, seems like not to long ago when it just used to be tables and a floor.

Smells like my office.