G4 Particle effect request

hey i need someone to make effects or a script to use the g4_particle_bluex.png or just make it like spin and go up at the same time and like one the the level with the particle script itt says " this.flames_maximumx = -4;" and then another one says “this.spiral_maxradius = 10;” so whats is up with the Flames and spiral is there any others?


Not possible with the current tools available to us sorry.


Uh. It’s possible. Make it spin in gani and just edit z with script.

you can’t use a scripted spin though… I thought you’d have to make all the rotation sprites yourself…

oh right no particle emitters

It seems we are in a pickle?

ive seen this done before. in old gscript too.

probably with the support of a npc server

whats “z” and how exactly would i do that im lost lol

z axis

x and y stay the same but the NPC will move up

oh so how do i make it rotate and move up in the graal shop and i know how to open it up with notepad and edit it but i need ur help to tell me what to put

how can we be talking about the 3rd dimension on a 2d game?

Because it’s done very cheaply, the z axis acts like the y axis, only difference is a shadow is placed underneath you.

idk but its possible right?

with a shadow and zoom you can get half way there

I Finally Figured Out a Way To use the G4 images i just simply put the color black on a blank layer then put the g4 on top of the black layer and this will work and does work because rememeber black is transrpent