Game Emotes

How would you change them for your pw? Just curious

Custom emotes script?

But how?

Implement a new emotes system from scratch.

Idk how, i need to learn this stuff.

I don’t either.

But if I had to guess, I’d say your script would do something like display an image or menu when you press a/certain button(s).

Style A) One button press opens a menu, a consecutive button press chooses an emote, the emote/image is displayed above the character’s head.

Style B) No menu, emotes are already mapped to certain buttons which when pressed display the image above the character’s head.

use enablefeatures to disable default emotes then check what keys are down and show the corresponding emote

and then script a massive showani/showimg script.

index 0 is emotes

Well, i understood enablefeatures… but i dont understand the rest. lol

that means it’s just a bit too advanced for you. Learn more about keydown and showimg.

How? No one will bother to teach me.

Welcome to life, you learn most things on your own. I know you’ve heard about school and college, but even in college you’re pretty much given the material and told when the exam dates are. You have to learn it yourself. And not everything you want to learn in life has a tutorial or book. GS1 actually has a few, you’ll just have to find them yourself and do what you can.

I’m not being rude, I’m being real.

Collage for me is like what… 5 years from now?

Hmm I wonder where the search button went, no one seems to think to use it…

College might be never for you. Or ten years. Or two. It’s not a planned/scheduled thing, it’s optional. Hence why it’s up to you to manage your education, not the instructors. It’s a privilege, not a right.

There are stickies in this forum linking to various documents on scripting…STICKIES BRO