game music

God damnit tricxta drop it.

My fast computer has Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz.
With 2.50 GB Ram.

I’m just saying that even when the client lags the music gets choppy.
You guys all know what I am talking about.

well I have 1.5mbps internet, i7 processor, 4gb ddr3 ram, 1gb graphics and it runs graal smooth, it takes alot before graal starts to lag, i suggest you get the same, anyway im gunna be away for a few days, ill cyaz later.<<<<<<<sig explanation

it takes me running 13 clients at same time, running winamp in background, and playing Bejeweled 3, to make graal lag :slight_smile:

I have the kingdom hearts Menu music on mine.


My P4 2.6 GHz was my fast desktop and now I just have this celeron core 1 mobile piece of shit processor in this laptop

It can upgrade to certain models of core 2 duo mobile processors you can find on ebay though

I really should

And I should get a new powerhorse desktop but I’m not ready for i series processors from intel yet honestly, I still want to play with a couple of dual cores more.

I wouldn’t trust ebay users though…

Be careful when you talk of upgrading, Graal runs worse on i7s than it does on pentium4s

Get one of AMDs 6 core cpus they are awesome :smiley:

when it comes to video cards, remember that 1 gig of DDR3 will not perform better than 512mb of DDR5. Just remember that next time you buy a card.

GDDR its a graphics card ty

God damnit, MIDIs sound like shit. MP3s are too big to play on Graal. Streaming is retarded if you have a slow connection. NO MUSIC. OKAY?


The ones that sound good take skill to make.
edit: TONS of skill.

Midis sound different per soundcard (onboard or otherwise), because they’re instrument based, not sound based.

Indeed, but I have never heard a good midi sound particularly bad just because it is midi. I can stay on all day. Perhaps it’s because I like old console vgm or something.

It’s the sound quality. I don’t like it. It’s good for 8-Bit Games.

Psh, spoiled kids these days.

O.o please don’t think lowly of me.
I grew up on NES and early consoles like that, I can appreciate a good MIDI when I hear one but I generally hate MIDIs

if you hate the midis then you suck

I hate a lot of MIDIs, and you suck. :o