game music

anyone else think that servers with music are way better than servers without? i mean music that kinda follows what youre doing at the moment. sets the mood. i like lumina the best just because of this.

I have sound disabled and I listen to my 4 days of mp3’s on winamp.

If it’s good enough sounding, and doesn’t slow down the client.

I like music as long as its not one of stephans annoying midi loops :bang:

Graal tends to be one of those games I run music in the background anyway.
However downloading 64kb> files, like mp3s, tends to shit kick players offline till it’s downloaded; Case and point, your first times on Bomber Arena.

I guess it depends the music. When I had an actual private server hosted on “official” Graal, my friend composed some pretty epic music for it, and I would much prefer the game with it then without it.

From what I have seen though, most places choose VERY VERY terrible music to play in the backround while being on their server.

If it isn’t the normal shitty graal music then it doesn’t fit the mood with me.

music should shift depending on what your doing, like in good games where the music becomes more fast paced and stuff when your in a fight, but slow and steady/relaxing when your just roaming around

Carefully balancing the audio will give the game the best chance at creating a sense of reality and the right mood for the player.

Too bad graal’s audio handling sucks ass.

use midis!

That is exactly why I don’t think Graal should have any music at all.
Besides, what with the lag on the client, the music would come out all choppy.

you are all a bunch of music haters. graal + music = awesome and i never experience lag with it.

bix nood

Connecting to an audio stream, the client is suspended till the connection is made.
Playing a midi file, the client is suspended for about 0.05~0.1 seconds.

Also, when the client lags, (Which I get almost all the time for some freaking reason) the music skips. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like my music choppy.

I like my music diced and deep fried.

A good server has music or some kinda back ground sound, most peoples computers are half decent (im sorry yenairo but ur gunna have to upgrade) so music is a must!!!

Mine is upgraded. >:U

lol, what processor do you have now, >=i3??

All the song on Lumina are hosted by dropbox in streaming.
The only problem is when the player enter a area first,the client freeze a lot for uploading the song.

Dropbox is the best way i found for have mp3 music on graal,2GB for free.