Gangsta's Legacy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

guys i will really really!!! need help on this one im starting a era type urban server that will be custom made!!! :open_mouth: and i need alot of help also
i need someone to give me advice and stuff but i need lots of help

Re: Gangsta’s Legacy!!!

It will fail, guns, a successful economy with enough players to make it work, etc etc will never work untill reborn has a bigger playercount, alot of people come here from servers like UN all like “omgomg i don’t know how to do anything but i have this amazing idea theres going to be hundreds of people and huge guild wars and amazing weapons and…” they end up hosting all day for no reson, hiring their freinds (who come on once a month) as staff and logging in to RC just so that it looks like theres more than one person online.

Right now either slightly bigger but classic-styled playerworlds, if you know what your doing, and smaller but fun and attractive “hang out” type places work, there simply aren’t enough people, you get more players with names like “big ass noob pk zone” and “my house” (Fact. I’ve done that lol).