Gani help please

Ok, so I’m trying to get a reborn job and I have 1 month to make a good gani. Ice made simple things like a backflips hat spin and shield toss and the it drops on your head and you “die”. I’m still trying to figure out how to do all the “funky” things with gani . Can anyone help me?


Huh who’s Ice and what’s a gani?

Shouldn’t this be under development?

That shud say I’ve pyro I don’t know where to put stuff so stop

Moved to the Gani Section.
Plus if you want help, you should actually tell people what you need help with.

• I want to make a Good Gani
• Some guy did stuff
• I need Help

Having an idea of what you want, is usually a good start in both making things, and getting help.


I think “Ice” may be a typo. “Ive made simple…”

Possible, figured “Ice” was the name of some guy on UN who made weird ganis that he admired. Lol

That’s what I thought :open_mouth:

It’s a musspell I typed that on my iPod and ive came up as ice

___Merged doublepost__________________

~I need help
~I’ve been practicing but I dint know how to do the fancy stuff
~can u tell me how

What do you want to learn to do?

What was ice supposed to be?


Hush, you!

What fancy stuff are you talking about? To do the fancy stuff you have to know how to script. o_o

Sorry I didn’t make myself clear. I want to learn how to add special images because they I’m working for keps telling to to add a certain image thing then he’ll look at them. Can someone like make a guide for me or tell me how to do that?please.

Fir the 13483784th time ice was a typo

There. A tutorial for adding in images. If that’s what you meant.

Yes chicken that’s what I meant thank you!

For all who havnt caught on ice doesn’t exist!!!

he wants to add images and stuff i think. he doesn’t know how to.