Gani making help(adding pictures)

Hey guys im back and ready fo sum action im working with Gulthex on his server and i need to know how do i put the picture on the gani(if its configured but no pictures)

Re: Gani making help(adding pictures)

“Add Sprite”
Type in the Image name (if it is not a dynamic attribute like ‘ATTR1’)
Give it a Description
Give it a unique index (making something index 10 will overwrite something else that was in index 10, use this for knowing how to edit/replace)

Give it the top left co-ordinates of where you want the sprite to begine, if it is a whole image, use 0,0. Then give the width & height of the sprite (in pixels).

It is advised to have an image editing program or atleast a screenshot of it in MS Paint, so you can grab co-ords much more easily.

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