Ganis Help

I’m fairly new to Graal and scripting altogather and I was wondering if someone could help me out on setting and using ganis on custom npcs. Thanks!

I’ve seen some of the Gani effects but I’m not sure how to set them on a npc, for instance making a particular image float using the angel.gani file.

setani (gani filename),;

That somewhat worked. Although it set it for the player instead of the npc. Can you not apply to the npc?

Any good tutorials on using gani params and attributes and a detailed guide on editing gani’s with a good text editor. The gani editor seems rather incomplete and buggy.

Here is a VERY old document I wrote back when I was a graal noob. I was toying with Ganis and documenting things I learned about them.

In addition, here is some information about setting up attributes:

Okay, here’s the example. You made a gani that places a magic shield around the character. You’ve finished setting up the animation in Graal Shop, and now you want to make the shield a custom attribute that can be set with setplayerprop or setcharprop (useful if you want to define different images for different situations, or be able to control when the shield shows, without disabling/changing the gani).

After referencing command.rtf to see what attributes are already used, you decide on attribute 9 for your new gani.

Opened with notepad/wordpad/whatever, let’s say you have this line:

SPRITE 75 shield.png 0 0 96 96 Shield

Now, you want to change this line to:

SPRITE 75 ATTR9 0 0 96 96 Shield

With that done, scroll down and you should find an area that looks something like:

DEFAULTHEAD head19.png

This is a list of default graphics for the gani attributes. Here, you want to add your new attribute.

DEFAULTATTR9 shield.png
DEFAULTHEAD head19.png

And that that, you are done! To make the shield appear in game, you just add this definition to the player or NPC using the gani:

setplayerprop #P9 shield.png;
setcharprop #P9 shield.png;

The DEFAULT block of code more or less defines what Graal Shop shows if you open the gani to edit it. The actual shield will not appear in game until you define #P9

Graal can support up to P30, though not all of those appear serverside with the current Gserver. I think only props 1-10 work serverside on players at the moment (serverside means everyone sees it, not just you).

Sorry if I missed anything, but hopefully that’s enough to get you started. If you need more help, just send me a PM.

That was helpful thanks.
Gani’s are prabably graal’s best new feature since well, the npc server. but we don’t have that.

Can you set other gani’s is attributes, or something similar? I vaguely remember doing something like that. I could be remembering wrong.

if anybody has more information on what script’s in gani’s can access That’d be good. I knew a few things.
I know with #p you can access params.