What is a GANI file ?
What does it do?
How do you open it?
And also, how do you make them?

I am still a noob!! --LOL–

A Gani is basicly a graal animation file. Thats what makes you swing a pickaxe in a game or dance or ever walk. Its just an animation of the graal character that you can create. You can open up GraalShop and mess around with it. Im not the best gani creator but I can make a few pretty decent ones if im not lazy about it :slight_smile:

Thanks Glyde!!

Also, another problem is… how do you work Graal Shop?
Can’t figure out!! I’m just recking the thing and being a total b*tch!! ( My parents are nearby…)

1st Gani File ever

What do you think of this GANI file? I know it is pointless but I want to know what people think of it.

I knew it!!! someone is gonna ignore this post!!