General Population of GR and dealing with Me

If you guys see me starting flamewars just fucking ignore it. It’s become a habit by now and I can’t break it if you guys all join in on sides and shit. As it is in other communities I don’t see people joining into my flamewars between me and a person. Stay out, stay away, and if shit gets bad enough only the mods and admins have to deal with it. They’ll give me an infraction/slap on the wrist to keep me quiet too.

So stay the fuck out of it and let me fucking work myself out of this habit on my own.

This is not up for discussion.


No, I’m going to pick a side and join in.

'Til all are one!

How about you just stop being a dick

We’ve divided our community up and it’s starting to not work so well. Everyone is attacking each other, taking sides and hating different people. We can’t be productive like this.

how about you just fucking ignore it so I can stop being one because it’s become a habit while browsing this site. I already said I’m working on it.

Also @ anyone playing that card about how I don’t do anything and I just start shit; every time I try to do something around here I am met with people telling me to go away or even just don’t want me to do it. eg, Site design, running Terra Firma, giving ideas (I’m looking at that one post long ago from someone I know who who said that anyone can have an idea and that I am pathetic for thinking it’s special). I’d try to help if people wanted my help, but since I can’t I’m really just hanging around and trying to make jokes (that you guys don’t seem to like, which is cool I guess, you’re just a different community from my natural one) and waiting for a good server to get released.

edit: if anything I was going to work on TF when my internet goes down, but even I have no clue when that is anymore because the company is trying to rope my mom into deals and she’s flipflopping back and forth. If I ever do lose my internet, expect me to be working a little bit on Terra Firma.

This thread is emo. Take some of your own wisdom and try ignoring the flaming that’s directed towards you instead of telling everyone else on the whole site to ignore you. Besides, telling everyone to just ignore you when you start flamewars (if you can call them that) sounds like an excuse to let you flame because it’s a “habit”.

Just be nice and then that’s how you don’t start flame wars. You don’t need to see a psychiatrist to “work” on this “habit” of yours. nbd.

You’re not a bad kid. To be honest, you’re not even very good at being mean. That’s a good thing, though. Just try and remember you don’t have to prove anything to anyone around here.

Who said that Yen wasn’t allowed to help with the site? I want shit to get done so I picked two people I know can do it. I’m not fucking picking on you Yen. How about you get over your persecutory delusions before you try to flame less?

stahp I’m getting teh feelz

Honestly I really am trying, but it’s hard to try when people keep telling me to stop doing certain things. I dunno, I just get a little pissed off when people tell me to stop doing things and acting like I’m not trying to stop on my own. I’m not even fucking sure if you guys are just trolling me so I get more angry about it, or if you generally just wish I would do the opposite. As for the emo thing, I wish that would stop. I’m not trying to get attention, I honestly feel that if some people ignored me more I would be able to calm down enough to ignore other people. It’s not that hard.

I’m not trying to come off as a dick half the time, I just accidentally come off like that. Half the time I feel like if we all met up in real life you guys wouldn’t get as angry at me for the small things I accidentally say.

As for the not working at all on anything, I felt like if I could get along better with the community before starting any work I would feel more motivated, and I wouldn’t be making a server for a bunch of people who seem to hate me.

Would it be possible to edit the code so when you ignore a person it doesn’t show an annoying message, “you’ve ignored the user who posted this” or something like that…
I’d rather just see nothing otherwise you’re always wondering what’s been said.

maybe if it’s got a thanks it ignores the ignore list and shows it anyway? That way you can see the posts that the community liked…

anyway, it’s not about the hate I receive it’s about not wanting to make stuff for people who hate me in the first place. Either way there are some people on this site I would make a server for if I had the time, which I will have a shit tonne of once I have stopped Graphic Design in my spare time.

As I said, I have no clue when you guys will be happy to stop seeing me-- inb4 one of you says emo to that-- but my internet will be cancelled some day soon and I will probably be working on that in my spare time after I clean out my list of shit to make for others.

I’ve got an rpg kinda thingy simliar to final fantasy and pokemon type battles if you’re interested in taking over it.

You can all start calling me The Real Slime-Shady.

Change of plans Yen, you behave or i’ll slice your balls off. Deal? Deal.

I have been thinking about making Yen a mod. He might grow up a little.

If everyone’s a mod, who’ll mod the mods, just curious to know o_0


wouldn’t that be the equivalent of giving a baby a hammer and expecting it not to bash it’s brains out?

I mean


No, but, I won’t stop you from bashing your brains out.